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"My goal is to inform and educate - to stir the pot in order

 to generate discussion about a topic."

Yellowstone wolves interview

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Bear Bathtub - Yellowstone National Park

About Ronan Donovan

Born at home into the house his father built in rural Vermont, Ronan has spent his adult years immersed in the natural world. Biologist turned photographer and filmmaker, he spent 2011 in the canopy studying wild chimpanzees in Uganda Africa. That experience formulated his desire to use visual storytelling as a way to reach a greater audience. Ronan spent 2015 living inside Yellowstone National Park working on an extensive photography project for National Geographic Magazine documenting the story of the gray wolf.

Based in Montana, Ronan has an intimate knowledge of the Rocky Mountain ecosystems. A contributor to National Geographic Magazine, his photographs have hung on the walls of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and his film work has aired on PBS Nature. 


Grizzly bear attack survivor's reflects

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